I scout art from an infinite array of online and other sources. These include the websites 20×200, Etsy, Supermarket,, Wondereur, and Tip Top Gallery; shopping directly from artists themselves; and local boutiques and national stores like Anthropologie and Dwell. I find art for any room in the house, from kitchens to living rooms to playrooms to master and kids’ bedrooms. Based on your tastes and needs, I’ll help you place artwork in a room, group pieces together, and complement and highlight pieces you already own. I can also help with design and decorating: choosing furniture, paint colors, and room accessories to coordinate with your artwork. Framing, placement, hanging, and other installation services are also available.

The Process

We'll arrange an initial consultation, in person, over the phone, or via Skype. During the consultation, I'll ask you several questions, both general (What are your favorite colors? How do you define your style?) and specific (What mood do you want the room to have? How many pieces would you like? What size? How much do you want to spend?). I'll show you examples of similar projects. We can take a quick look at some of my favorite sources online. If we're meeting in person, I'll look at the room or wall you're looking to fill. If we're talking on the phone or Skyping, I'll look at photos or a virtual tour of your space. Feel free to bring samples and ideas.

I'll send you a list, including images, of possible artwork. There's usually a bit of back-and-forth at this stage, where you tell me what works and what doesn't. We'll agree on a single item or a group of pieces. At this stage, we can also discuss complementary design pieces and room d├ęcor, if you're interested.

I'll order the items for you and arrange for any framing, matting, and other finishing touches.

I'll present your artwork (in person if possible, and by mail if you're not local). I can also arrange for hanging and installation.