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made by girl

Just a few sweet little prints by Jen Ramos of Made by Girl (blog, shop, consulting). I like her scrawly style. And her subject matter, of course.

warming it up

The temperature is in the single digits this morning, so I’m getting warmth and inspiration from this warm weather art.

recheng tsang

Bay Area artist ReCheng Tsang makes the most amazing installations. (The strips above are porcelain, but they look like fabric.) They’re ethereal and playful and just super cool.

david mramor

Look closely at these paintings by David Mramor: The backgrounds are faded glamour shots of pretty ladies (and some gentlemen). How cool that you don’t notice the photos at first; they add depth and emotion before you’re even aware of it.

nicholas newcomb

Nicholas Newcomb‘s plates are pretty enough to hang on a wall, though I’d be happy to see them on my dinner table. I especially love the New York potter’s Hudson Valley collection, though his fluted but chunky Chatham line and his Swiss-cheese-like open bowls are also great.

citizen london on etsy

Changing it up a little: I haven’t written about Etsy or home design in ages. I like how Citizen London makes ethnic-y baskets so clean and simple. You could fill these with stuff (scarves, books, magazines, random household junk). Or you could place them on a bare table, leave them beautifully empty, and treat them [Read more]

fine little day

Fine Little Day has been selling charming, cheerful prints for years, and it’s ridiculous that I haven’t featured their pieces until now. These few are a happy burst of color in a gloomy February week, right?

furbish pop up shop

Sarah Martinez made these little watercolor paintings for Furbish, the Raleigh, NC home shop (which has an excellent online presence). They’re sweet and pretty and simple—and a great opportunity to buy original art for less than $150.    

ryan sarah murphy

More than a month? I never meant to take such a break from this blog. And while I was out, we all had a really nice trip someplace warm and beautiful and relaxing—right after losing our much loved and extremely old dog. So it’s been a journey, to say the least: the good with the [Read more]

daylight dreams editions

I just discovered Daylight Dreams Editions, a Los Angeles-based studio that releases fine art prints, some attributed to individual artists, some to the studio. (It’s an interesting approach to authorship and creatorship; thoughts?) I really like the overall simple/organic aesthetic and could see these pieces in any setting, on their own, in a group of [Read more]