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septemberwren on etsy

I discovered this Etsy artist a long time ago and just revisited her work for a client…and I love it more than ever. The client, starting a new phase of life, wants art that shows subtle whimsy and a celebration of moving forward; these photographs do just that, don’t you think? Meg, the artist behind [Read more]

fig & fawn

Fig & Fawn is a Colorado-based children’s boutique…that happens to carry an excellent, eclectic little selection of wall decor as well as charming children’s clothing and other items. (Sadly for me, my own kids are too old for the adorable goods.) The two cofounder/friends have excellent taste, combining minimalism with sweetness in the best way, [Read more]

jennifer flannigan on etsy

Tuesday means it’s time for an Etsy recommendation! Jennifer Flannigan paints just the kind of pieces I want to see: original, one-of-a-kind, light and pretty, full of the most beautifully chosen colors. Touches of metallic here and there add a bit of glam, while the watercolor paper (instead of canvas) grounds it all.

jaq chartier

I like these abstract pieces by Washington State artist Jaq Chartier. She writes about her fascination with the natural world and how materials react to light and time; the result is color studies that are scientifically intriguing and (always a plus with me) just plain pretty.

maud vantours

French artist Maud Vantours makes the most amazing pieces out of cut paper. She seems to do a fair amount of high-end commercial commissions; her Etsy page has only a short bio and some links to other art that she likes; let’s hope she puts up some affordable versions of this gorgeous, crazy work.

sarah donnell on etsy

Sarah Donnell‘s paintings are a bright, eye-catching Etsy pick. (And her prices are amazing for original, one-of-a-kind work.)

raphaelle martin

I rarely search blind on Society 6; it’s just too big and overwhelming to be a useful, easy place to shop for art. But it’s so inexpensive and full of options (various sizes, canvas or paper, things like mugs and pillows if you’re into that). I love when I find a particular artist who happens [Read more]

brian coleman

Brian Coleman’s works on paper have a tough beauty. I don’t have much to say other than…yes. All that blue and gray.

yarn bombed antlers

I have such a weakness for art-ified nature. Maybe it goes back to the temporary outdoor installations of Andy Goldsworthy, or maybe I just like the piece of found driftwood that I spray-painted white and put in my living room. On vacation in Austin recently, I almost brought home a single antler (from this crazy [Read more]

uprise art

New-to-me online shop Uprise Art is “dedicated to making art collecting easier, more enjoyable, and more affordable.” Sounds familiar! Oh, and they’ve got great taste. And everything is original and costs less than $1000.