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transportation art

Tappan Collective Recently I’ve been compiling transportation-themed art for a potential client, and I thought I’d show a few pieces here. I’m going for something unexpected—a skewed perspective, an extreme closeup, an unusual style—so it doesn’t feel too much like a little boy’s room. UGallery Fine Art America I love that you can find vintage [Read more]

esther stewart

Today I’m liking these geometric paintings by Australian artist Esther Stewart. The autumnal/pastel palette seems to fit the weather around here: cool in the mornings, hot and sunny by afternoon.  

editions of 100

This is as simple as can be: “Editions of 100 is an online design store where you can buy limited edition prints by a community of creative people from all over the world.”   

bowerbird collective, revisited

I wrote about Bowerbird Collective a long time ago, but I just checked it out again, in search of bird-themed art (more on that soon), and it’s even better than before. Featuring the artwork of two sisters-in-law, Bowerbird offers paintings and prints (and will even do custom work). As for the newest pieces, the shark-teeth [Read more]

suzanne antonelli

Today I’m loving these prints by UK artist Suzanne Antonelli. I’ll let their simplicity and great colors speak for themselves.  


These photos by Norwegian design team HYSJ are just pretty. I’d put them in minimal white rooms, to let their simple lines and colors stand out.  

molly goldwater

Sometimes an artist just makes sense to me. Like, this work is beautiful, and I get it. Molly Goldwater‘s prints are decorative, like so much of the pretty artwork I feature on Blue Locket. But they’ve also got a bit of an edge—a point of view that sets them apart from standard pretty little Etsy pieces. [Read more]

froh & frau

A Danish company with a German name, Froh & Frau puts out some of the sweetest, cleanest posters I’ve come across recently. They’re definitely kid-oriented but would work in a sleek kitchen or family room just as well.

jenny prinn

  I feel like I should have written about the Maine artist Jenny Prinn a long time ago. Her paintings are beautiful—sweet and moody at the same time. And though her large-scale canvases definitely don’t come cheap, her small paintings on wooden boards, as well as her “Musing” series of paintings on heavy-gage paper, are much more [Read more]

beneath the sun wooden objects

  These wooden objects from Australian home shop Beneath the Sun are just fun. They’re great in a group or just standing on their own. The colors are perfectly cheerful, and the stripes remind me of the circa-1980 trend of diagonal accent stripes on walls. (Or maybe I’ve just been watching too much “Freaks and Geeks” on Netflix.)