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lena wolff

Berkeley artist Lena Wolff‘s work is a feminist take on quilts and other American handicrafts. She uses humble materials: paper, collage, even basic pine. The results are flattened out, minimalized—with all the stark, homespun beauty of the originals.   

jenny andrews-anderson

These paintings by Jenny Andrews-Anderson are just plain pretty, nothing more or less than that. I love that she treats paper sort of preciously—that is, she paints on it. (Some of these are painted on canvas as well.) Her blog is awfully sassy too.  

the stereo typist on etsy

While sourcing vintage concert posters for a client, I came across these faux-vintage prints on Etsy. The Stereo Typist is a British artist with impeccable taste in music. I’m into his midcentury style and bold palettes—not to mention the bands and musicians he’s chosen.  

calypso st. barth art

I’ve always admired Calypso for its clothing (and fragrances), and I’d definitely noticed its beachy, serene home goods. The online art collection is new to me—and totally appealing. Blue, animals, abstraction: It hits all my favorite notes.  

macarena ruiz-tagle

Macarena Ruiz-Tagle, a Chilean living in Berlin, painted these pieces for her “Atmosphere” series. Much of her work comprises site-based installations, but I like the simplicity and beauty here.  

karen o’neil

  Karen O’Neil captures something—a moment, a mood, a color—in her miniature still lifes. I love her celebration of simple color and quiet domesticity.    

jane reiseger

    There’s a lot of cute, animal-based, kid-friendly art around these days, and honestly, at this point I ignore most of it—it’s become so generic and familiar (and too cutesy). But Australian Jane Reiseger‘s prints stand out for their excellent composition as well as their sweetness. There’s something clean and pure and just right about [Read more]

amanda brazier

  Amanda Brazier makes her own paint from pigments found in local soil. How cool is that? Best of all, she uses it in these beautiful, architecturally inspired paintings. I love her pink/earthy/neutral palette, and her interesting geometry and repetition.    

california inspiration

The perfect California house, spotted in Larchmont Village: sleek (house numbers) and rustic (gate door, windows) I’m in the midst of a kid-licious week, so I’ll keep myself going with these shots from our trip to California. (There was also a fun weekend in Las Vegas for my cousin’s wedding.) Also, these portmanteau words are [Read more]

me elsewhere: bethesda magazine

  Local readers, Blue Locket is on the Shop Talk page of Bethesda Magazine. I don’t think it’s online yet, but I’ll add a link when it appears. Thanks so much, Bethesda mag!