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brian coleman

Brian Coleman’s works on paper have a tough beauty. I don’t have much to say other than…yes. All that blue and gray.

yarn bombed antlers

I have such a weakness for art-ified nature. Maybe it goes back to the temporary outdoor installations of Andy Goldsworthy, or maybe I just like the piece of found driftwood that I spray-painted white and put in my living room. On vacation in Austin recently, I almost brought home a single antler (from this crazy [Read more]

uprise art

New-to-me online shop Uprise Art is “dedicated to making art collecting easier, more enjoyable, and more affordable.” Sounds familiar! Oh, and they’ve got great taste. And everything is original and costs less than $1000.

kerri rosenthal

You can kind of see Kerri Rosenthal’s background in children’s fashion: the bright colors, bold shapes, and (can I say this?) cuteness of her paintings. It’s the kind of soothing, pretty abstract art you see around…but somehow better and more interesting, because it’s not just soothing and pretty.

peter atkins

I absolutely love these paintings by Australian artist Peter Atkins. So graphic and weirdly cute; the lines and colors are just, just right. As his site shows, he’s made a ton of work, all excellent; these, from 1990 to 2005, stood out as my favorites.

sarah irvin

Sarah Irvin‘s work is beautiful: Her ink paintings look like stripes of crepe paper on clear white ground, and her “lily” series is like filled-in notebook doodles, in the best way.

flirting with yellow on etsy

Continuing my needlework theme, Liz Payne’s Etsy shop Flirting With Yellow is a real step up from my own needlepoint efforts. The Australian artist embroiders these amazing spirograph-inspired designs by hand on paper for an effect that’s modern and daintily old-fashioned at the same time.

billygrrl on etsy

I’ve always loved needlework—on clothes, pillows, art—but it can cross the line from cute to precious. BillyGrrl makes finished pieces and needlepoint kits that have a little edge to them but keep their sweetness and refined detail. Doing her kits is a fun, easy way to take part in the creative process—especially if, like me, [Read more]

very marta

It’s been a while since I put something up here that’s just plain pretty, floral, girly, soft. Marta Spendowska was born in Poland, came the the US looking for a better life…and stayed and became an artist. Her original watercolor paintings are just as pretty in print reproductions.

me elsewhere: fab and fru

Thanks to a Facebook connection with my husband’s middle-school classmate, Fab & Fru is featuring me on its site today. Be sure to check out the whole site for clever, affordable decorating ideas and general life advice. Thank you, Stephanie!