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sally england

Maybe it’s my 1970s early childhood, or my love of all things California, but I have a soft spot for wall hangings, when they’re simple and not too crunchy. Sally England works only on commission—that’s how much care and time is put into her deceptively simple macrame pieces. I like how some of them are just [Read more]

elise ferguson

I’m loving the geometry and color in Elise Ferguson‘s paintings. Some people just have an eye for composition—it’s so simple, but so ingenious.  

katie brennan

I think I’ve seen work by the Canadian artist Katie Brennan on Pinterest or some blog or other; today it just popped out at me, and I’m really noticing it (and appreciating it) for the first time.   

maya hayuk

Maya Hayuk does amazing things with color and shape: paintings, prints, walls….  

alan fletcher

I’d never heard of the late British graphic designer Alan Fletcher until recently. His web site, apparently run by his daughter, Rafaella, is charming and very specific, with links to purchase pieces elsewhere online. I’d love for his estate to set up shop and get some profits (maybe it is already), but for now, the [Read more]

emily barletta

Emily Barletta makes these amazing embroideries in Brooklyn. Of course. I’d love to hang those little red numbers in a row.  

harriet bellows

Harriet Bellows is one cool woman: After an early career as a sculptor, she was a professional pilot for 30 years—and only then began painting in earnest. Her work is more or less abstract, but I have to think she’s got a unique perspective, spending all that time in the sky.  

rose duggan

I’m really into these paintings and works on paper by Pittsburgh-based artist Rose Duggan, with their low-key but groovy pastel stripes. They look truly handmade, in the best possible way. 


Jen Altman via Nectar and Light Feathers today, because hope is the thing with them, right? (Apologies, Emily Dickinson.) I don’t mean to get weird; I’ve just spotted some feather art lately and wanted to share. Catherine McCargar via UGallery Jennifer Ament via Serena and Lily Dekanimal via Etsy Kate Miss photography Perla Anne via [Read more]

dana mcclure

I found Dana McClure through her beautiful house tour on Design Sponge. Her prints are as simple and appealing as her cozy Catskills farmhouse.