Nadya Sagner, Founder

I’ve loved art since I was a kid growing up outside of Buffalo, New York. At Columbia University, I studied English and cultivated my interest in art, style, design, and New York City. For several years I was an editor at Allure magazine, then became a freelance writer. I covered culture, family, and the arts for publications like Washingtonian magazine and the Washington Post. I started the Blue Locket blog in early 2011 as a place to write about the things I loved—clothing, products, toys, art, my family. It soon evolved to focus on beautiful, affordable art. After friends and blog acquaintances asked me to recommend artwork and decorate rooms for them, I decided to make Blue Locket into a business. I’ve been in the Washington DC area since 2000, and I now live in Bethesda, Maryland, with my family.

Nadya Sagner
Blue Locket Art Consulting

I specialize in finding beautiful, affordable art for your home.